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Home Sweet Home

We are here to help you adjust to your new environment.

Stories of Inspiration, Hard Work, and Never Giving Up

Changing the Faces of Homelessness has brought a positive impact on the lives of people in and around Los Angeles, California. Read some of their stories and testimonials below:

“When I first met Ms. Katrina Williams I was pregnant, depressed and so broken. I had lost everything including myself but her kindness and compassion help build me from the ground up. I now have everything to thank her for and most importantly God for sending her to me, to build me back up with getting my life back on track.”

Patience Merchant

“I feel blessed to have moved here. I feel I have a great opportunity to get some goals done here with the number one goal of losing weight. Thank you Ms Katrina for being there.”

Robert Tasich

“Hi I am Ms. Elise and I have achieved so much by living here. I have applied for my social security and I am managing my own appts, they really do help you here. Thank you Changing the Faces of Homelessness for changing my life.”

Ms. Elise

“Since I’ve been living here in the transitional house my needs are being met as I go day by day in this pandemic. I am very happy and satisfied with everything Ms. Williams is doing to keep us safe. God has sent us an angel in my eyes.”

Ms. Shirlynn Jackson

“I have been in this program for three months and I have seen what this program can do. This is a very caring program and it shows results to seniors and the youth with helping us to obtain our social security cards, ID and housing. We are very fortunate to be in this program.”

Ms. Paulette

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